Using Gold As A Donation

Using gold to raise money is as natural as any "In Kind" giving program. Organizations receive cars, boats and other valuable items for donations and then convert them to cash by selling them.

The Difference With Gold Into Cash Fundraising:

  • There is always a market – gold always has value and is in constant demand
  • Currently, gold is at an all time record high
  • It's easy, effective and donor friendly

Watch the video for more ideas on how cash for gold fundraising could work for your organization.

Use Gold to Raise Cash For Your Organization

This current economy has left many charitable organizations suffering. They find themselves cutting back on services, salaries and more. Many have had to lay off employees and limit the number of benefits they once provided.

Gold giving is becoming an increasingly popular way to raise money for charities due to two major factors. First, gold has risen to an all time record high. Additionally, our economy entered into a recession not unlike what we experienced during the great depression with banks failing and high unemployment. Donors find themselves wanting to give, but the dollars are just not there as they once were. Our program gives charitable organizations a unique opportunity to raise money even during slow economic times.

We understand that you have questions and we want to answer each of them thoroughly and completely. We also understand that with any fundraising program the three top items you will be concerned with are honesty, credibility and transparency. We will be happy to discuss the detail with you about our special Golden Giving program when you call. For more information please call Gary Murphy (918) 271-2523.

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