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  • OKCgold.com vs. Your local or national gold buyer

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      Insures your valuables for $5,000 during transport? YES No
      Pays you in the safety and comfort of your own home? YES No
      Has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau? YES ?
      Has been in business in one location for over 27 years?
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  • We Pay More Than Anyone In The Nation For Gold

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      Compare Our Payouts To Anyone

      Prices compared above are based on 1.0 gram of 14 karat gold.
      Many of our competitors do not even publish what they pay!

  • We Publish What We Pay
    • Our Payouts Are Updated Every 60 Seconds

      Our Payouts Are Updated Every 60 Seconds Here at OKCgold.com.com, you can view up-to-the-minute payouts that we offer for gold. Our "Live Payouts For Gold" table (at the top of our home page) is dynamically updated every 60 seconds. You don't have to guess or wonder what our prices might be.

      Our prices are based off live spot prices so you get the most accurate pricing available. Some of our competitors only publish the spot price once or twice a day, which means you are not getting the most for your money as gold fluctuates minute by minute.

      Check out our GOLD CALCULATOR to find out what you could be getting paid right now! If a gold-buying company doesn't post what they pay, they more than likely can't be trusted.

  • Our Kits Are Insured For $5,000
    • Why Take A Risk When You Don't Have To?

      Our GOLD KITS are insured for $5,000 for your protection and peace of mind. OKCgold.com offers the highest standard insurance limit compared to any other mail-in gold company! Simply give us a call at 1-855-OKC-Gold or fill out the "Get A FREE Kit Here" form to receive your FREE GOLD KIT. Once we receive your basic information, just log in and you will be directed to follow our simple 3 step process.

      Our Gold Mail-In Kits are Insured for $5000 FIRST, confirm your contact information and decide how you would like to be paid (Company check or Paypal) Please understand, we DO NOT send out payment until you are satisfied with our offer.

      SECOND, choose OPTION #1 - Request that we send you a gold kit, which will include everything you need (FedEx box, shipping labels, paperwork, etc.
      OR choose Option #2 - (printer required) Print off all shipping labels, paperwork, etc., right now!

      THIRD, once you have your GOLD KIT ready, call at 1-855-652-4653 and we'll schedule a FedEx driver to come to your home or office to pick up your GOLD KIT at NO CHARGE! Or, take your items to the nearest authorized FedEx/Kinkos (which must be placed in a MEDIUM SIZED FEDEX BOX).    GET A FREE GOLD KIT NOW!

  • We Give You An Offer Before Sending A Check
    • You Can Choose Whether To Accept

      You Can Choose Whether to Accept Our Offer

      You're In Control

      Once we receive your FedEx shipment our team of GIA Graduates will sort and evaluate each item based upon a strict and standardized inspection process, including each of the following:

      • Logging shipment delivery for customer notification
      • Documenting each item recieved
      • Weighing each precious metal item and testing the precious metal content
      • Examining and grading Diamonds included with shipment

      Based upon the results of our inspection you will recieve a phone call or email containing our offer to purchase your items, including, instructions describing how to accept or decline this offer. OKCgold.com provides you the ability to decline our offer.

  • We Fedex Your Check For FREE
    • You Don't Have To Wait To Get Paid

      Once we receive your insured and trackable FedEx package, the contents will be weighed and the precious metal content determined. After you accept our offer, your check will then be overnighted via Fedex Overnight Standard. If you choose to decline our offer, your items will be promptly returned to you fully insured for our offer amount.

      We Fedex Your Check For Free So get started today, and we will send your check within 24 hours of receiving your acceptance of our offer!

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