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Gather your unwanted gold

OKC Gold now buys gold, silver and platinum sent through the mail from anywhere in the nation.            .              >> MORE

Send your items via FREE Fedex

Print a free FedEx Express Saver shipping label that will insure your medium sized Fed-ex box for up to $5000.    .                      >> MORE

We'll FedEx Overnight your check

After you accept our offer, your check will then be sent via Fed-ex Overnight Standard at no extra charge.            .                     >> MORE

STEP 1: 

Gather Your Unwanted Gold Items

OKC Gold now accepts your unwanted jewelry sent through the mail. We have created an easy process for you to send your items including Free FedEx Express Saver shipping. For more information on what we buy CLICK HERE.

STEP 2: 

Create your FREE OKC Gold Account

Fill out and submit the "Get Started Now!" form on this page to create your FREE OKC Gold Account. To send your items through the mail you must create an account and accept our Terms and Conditions. Please note that all the information contained on our Sign-Up form is required. This information will be used to send you our offer to purchase your items, and to mail your payment. At the end of the Sign-Up process you will have everything you need to mail in your unwanted items for cash.

Track Progress Using OKC Gold Account View

We have created an Account View for you to print a Free FedEx Express Saver shipping label, instructions, track the progress of your shipments and view your recent transactions. Your Account View is your doorway into our gold buying process and will be updated during each step of our buying process, including:

  • Shipment in transit
  • Shipment received
  • Offer posted
  • Offer accepted or declined
  • Check in transit or items returned


Offer Acceptance

Once we receive your FedEx shipment our team of GIA Graduates will sort and evaluate each item based upon a strict and standardized inspection process, including:

  • Logging shipment delivery for customer notification
  • Documenting each item received
  • Weighing each precious metal item and testing the precious metal content
  • Examining and grading Diamonds included with shipment

Based upon the results of our inspection you will receive an email containing our offer to purchase your items, including, instructions describing how to accept or decline this offer. OKC Gold provides you the ability to decline our offer but you must decline this offer within 48 hours from the time we have sent you our offer, per our Terms and Conditions.

Get Paid in 24 hours

Once you have accepted our offer we will overnight your check via Fedex. If you have chosen to receive your payment via Paypal we will deposit the funds into your account immediately.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Once the check has been delivered, you have 72 hours for any reason to change your mind. Simply give us a call, send the check back and we will then promptly mail back your items. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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