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Precious Metal Calculator

Step 1:

Make a selection to calculate a Gold, Silver or Platinum payout.

Step 2:

If you have selected Gold select a karat type.

Step 3:

Choose whether you are weighing your items using Grams or Ounces.

Step 4:

Enter the weight of your items in Grams or Ounces by clicking on the numeric keypad or typing the in the text box.

Step 5:

Click on the "Enter" button to to get the approximate total amount we will pay you.

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• We cannot guarantee the precision of the calculated price as the price of precious metals continuously changes. Our Calculator can be used to get an approximate value of your Gold, Platinum and Silver per Gram or Ounce.

• The prices are based on clean gold with a kt. stamp. Prices could be slightly lower for unmarked gold.

• No minimum amounts required. (Unlike others that set high minimum amounts to make their payouts look better.)

• Postal Scales that weigh in ounces are not designed to calculate small/precise forms of weight. Although, it will give you a general weight to apply.

• This total reflects the amount we would pay to the public, if you are a dealer, please contact us directly

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