Gold Purity

What does karat (kt) mean?

Typically items made of gold are marked with a karat weight. The term "karat" in relation to gold is the measure of gold purity by mass. The lower the karat weight the less gold the item contains. Conversely, the higher the karat weight the more gold the item contains. The purest gold has a maximum purity of 24 karats.

The purity of the gold is usually stamped or engraved onto jewelry, often after being tested by a qualified testing facility. Inspection of your gold pieces should indicate a specific karat weight. When you know the karat value of a gold item, you can directly calculate how pure that gold is.

The gold price depends on the karat value that it contains. Once you have determined the karat value of your item, use our GOLD CALCULATOR to calculate its value.

Yellow Gold

Yellow GoldWhat's the difference between Gold (yellow gold), White and Rose gold? Well as far as what we pay, they are all worth the same, their color does not influence their value. Generally there is very little difference between the alloys of Gold. Basically they're gold with some other metals added either to change the color (as is the case with White and Rose Gold.)

White Gold

White GoldWhite gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal mixed in, usually nickel or palladium. White gold's properties can vary dramatically depending on the metals and proportions used in the mix. This is done deliberately for different purposes for example, mixing gold with nickel makes it harder which is perfect for rings and brooch pins, while if you mix gold with a soft metal such as palladium then it becomes good for gemstones settings where a pliable gold alloy is required.

Rose Gold

Rose GoldRose gold is made when you mix gold with copper since copper has a reddish color naturally, (gold and copper are the only colored metals, all the rest are silverish in color). Rose gold may also vary quite a lot in color depending on the amount of copper mixed with the gold, the higher the copper content the more reddish the color.

How Much Will We Pay For Your Gold?

To get an estimate of how much we will pay for a specific item go to our Gold Calculator page where you can calculate the value of your gold items.

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