What kind of metal is it?

Platinum is one of the softest metals. But when it is alloyed with other metals, normally 10% iridium, it becomes one of the hardest metals. This hardness, along with its resistance to corrosion, makes platinum ideal for jewelry with diamonds and other valuable stones because it provides the most secure material for setting gems.

Platinum is silvery-white in color and is often mistaken for white gold. However, platinum carries higher costs than gold because it is denser and is more difficult to fabricate, due to its higher melting point.

One feature of platinum is that it doesn't fade or tarnish. It is thirty times more rare then gold, and is more durable then other jewelry metals due to it's density. It doesn't wear away or change it's shape, perfect for a lifetime of wear.


Platinum in jewelry is actually an alloyed group of six heavy metals, including platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. These other metals are so similar to platinum in weight and chemistry that most were not even distinguished from each other until early in the nineteenth century.


Today, it is often alloyed with copper and titanium. It's the only precious metal used in fine jewelry that is 90% to 95% pure, largely hypoallergenic, and tarnish-resistant. Look for platinum jewelry marked 900Pt, 950 Plat, or Plat.

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